Meeting On The Muni Part 2

This "meeting someone new when I go to work" is actually pretty neat. Just today, I met three people on the way to work (well, actually four but one person kind of ignored me and I never got her name so that doesn't really count). I met a cool dude named Joseph who is starting work today detailing cars. He was listening to some interesting music by a band named Slayer, which he let me listen to for a little while. Not my cup of tea, but it was interesting. He also told me to check out Dubstep (, which I'm listening to right now. I think it's not bad. I prefer Hip Hop but this isn't bad either.

I also met two people named John and Becca, who are community managers at a Flash-gaming company called Kongregate. I've played games made by them before, so I thought it was pretty cool. Given that I work at Experience Project, albeit a much different Internet startup, we had something to connect over and we talked a bit about how we each manage the different communities in each of our sites.

My favorite part about this morning was when we reached a stop and Joseph was about to get off the train, he walked up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Keep talking to people, Loren. You're a social guy. And it's a great quality that not many people have." It wasn't too big a deal, but it made me feel good =)

On the way back from work, I also started to wonder - if I meet someone new everytime I go to and come back from work, how many days will it take before I start meeting people I've already met before? How many days will it take before I start making friends with these strangers?
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Interesting! Keep it up, I'm curious to read more of your 'meeting a random person' experiences.