It Takes Alot For Me To Remember This Part Of My Life

I met Brent Brents at a party when I was 18.  He seemed normal then. We dated for awhile, until, I realized what he was all about.  He told me things like "if I can't have you, nobody can." Anyway, about 6 months into our "relationship" I got a call from the cops that they were looking for him. That was that. I was tired of paying his rent, finding him food and money, and basically him treating me like a nothing so I dumped him.  Next thing I know he is in trouble for child molesting. How nice. He used to call me from prison to wish me happy birthday, happy Valentines day, that he loved me, and to mention the fact that I couldn't go anywhere that he couldn't find me. What did I do? Got lots of counceling, moved, learned how to defend myself, and surrounded myself with people who are not afraid to defend me either.

Today, (20+years later) I decided to Google his name. Looks like I was one of the the lucky ones. I totally feel for his victims. Believe me,  I haven't heard from him in about 20 years, but still the name Brent Brents gives me the creeps. Go figure. And when does he get the electric chair?

1strongchick 1strongchick
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2010