My Son Is A Serial Rapist

This is about my son,named after me. Some background first. He had a son at 18,brought his son home from the hospital,and has had him ever since. He served in the Navy 1993-2000, After his discharge he received his Bachelors, and became and instructor for TSA agents, traveling to 2 or 3 airports a week for training sessions. He later obtained hi Masters, and began instructing US airmail contractors. he seemed to have an normal,average life. married,one child,Mustang5. 0 and a Dodge Charger.,until Aug2009,when his DNA was matched to 5 rapes in San Diego committed in Sept 1999-Jun2000 . That DNA also match 2 rape cases in Illinois.He is facing 255 years in California . All of this caught me by total suprise





















ostevo ostevo
51-55, M
Mar 1, 2010