Alright so I met this guy well pretty much online to be honest, we met on FB and we were both part of a club and we met almost every Sunday. That went on for a couple weeks and then this guy suddenly texted me so we could watch a movie together and I said ok, like I thought it was weird but then idk. So I went over and over the course of a month we hanged out and texted and all that. Then suddenly one night we watched a movie and he asked if he could put his arm around me and I said ok. Then I just felt like hum... why did that just happen? He got up and gave me a kiss and I was like oh no. Then we never talked again and he randomly showed up at my work, which is ok but then left out of nowhere life ten minutes after. Then he went over to the place my friends and I hang out in and just awkwardly stood by the door. Freaky man, hopefully I never see him again but its sad that he was so weird.
veredisquo veredisquo
22-25, F
Aug 27, 2014