I Met Another Pants Pooper

About two months ago I was the book store in the hulen area of fort worth. I was looking at the manga and a really cute girl game up next to me and asked what time it was I told her and she said that she had about an hour to kill until a friend of hers met her there at the book store. I said since you have time to kill what is your favorite manga to read. she said that she really didn't have a favorite she just reads them all, but she does tend to like the comedy ones better. After a few minutes of talking with her I started to feel that familiar feeling in my stomach and told her that I might have to excuse myself for a minute to use the facilities. She giggled a little and said she wasn't far from having to go her self. I asked her why does that make you giggle to which she replied I know this will sound weird but some times I like to see how long I can hold it. I said thats not weird at all I sometimes do that myself. She seemed really surprised at that statement and I then asked how many times had she not made it. She replied well since we are on the topic and you don't seem to be weirded out by it i guess i can tell you. Well I never make it. I said WHAT!! you mean you always hold it until you go in your pants. she said yes i do sorry if that grosses you out. I said not at all in fact I tend to go in my pants myself. she smiled real big and said no way your just saying that. I said no i really do. then came a brief moment of silence and she said do you want to do it together. Well i do have to go i told her and with that we decided to move to a quieter spot in the store where no one was around i asked her to go first and she said ok. she was wearing skirt and turned her back to me and bent over like she was picking up a book on the bottom shelf and with that i heard a faint crackle sound and saw her panties push out I couldn't believe it I've never seen anyone poop their pants before at least not in person besides myself. She then stood up smiled and said your turn I did the same thing i squated down as if readng the bottom shelf and pushed my poop into my underware and jeans and then stood up she was smiling ear to ear and came over to me. She hugged me and gave me a little kiss and handed me a piece of paper with a phone number on it and told me to call her so we could do this again real soon. I just smiled back and said sure. She left at that point going out the door where i went into the mens room to clean up. I hope I get to have fun with her a lot more and who know we might be a little more than friends later down the road right now i am just happy to have someone i can share this with.
pcgamer04 pcgamer04
31-35, M
Aug 9, 2010