Pooped My Pants In Fort Worth

I was walking around hulen mall with my girlfriend and felt the need to poop. I told her that we needed to head to the restrooms really quickly before i ended up going in my pants. (yes she does know of my fetish and though she will not poop she does pee for me all the time in her pants or laying in bed she is the greatest). She said why bother I know you like it just go ahead and we can go clean up. I just smiled and said are you really sure you are ok with that. she shook her head and i said ok and with that i let it go in my jeans and briefs it felt great to just release my poop in the middle of the mall. We then went to the restroom where i cleaned up and we left getting home to have some amazing sex.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

did she help change you