I Met God In A Dream

I met God once in a dream it was so wonderful and very spiritual. I was going through tough times and felt depressed and had suicidal thoughts but I knew life was sacred so I ignored it. But I felt lost in  the world not knowing my place or why bad things were happening to me. I prayed to God some time later to help me and my family, I waited for 2 years then I had a dream one night that God was carrying me up these stairs, he said "It's going to be ok". We were surrounded by light all God was was this bright light shaped like a human. I felt so happy and loved that whneI  woke up I was sad but I also was happy at same time. Some time after that everything started to change in my life and Im feeling alot better than I was before.

So I thank God to this day for everything he has done.
FeralTigress FeralTigress
13-15, F
May 10, 2012