I'm 14 But He's 18.

So there was this guy that i have met when i visited my cousin. It was on a snowy friday night. He was really cute and funny and everything that i have always wanted. So we started to flirt. He called em his wife and so apparently he's my husband. lol. I then asked him how old he was and he said that he was 18. I didn't believe it because why would an 18 year old flirt with a 14 year old, like me? So he then showed me his i.d. (driver's license) and then i still couldn't believe it. But i was comfortable with it. So we hung out all together but usually it was me and him to the side of the group talking to each other. We then walked up to the group and he started to put his arm around me, and there was another guy that liked me but he got jealous and put his arm around me on the other side. So then my guy kissed me on the cheek and then the other guy kissed me on my other cheek and then they both kissed me on my cheeks at the same time. lol. it was cute. so then my guy went home and said that he will come back. So then my cousin called him and asked if he was going to come out and he asked if his wife is going to be there, and i thought that was just adorable. So he came out, just for me, and we all hung out until 11 p.m. with his arm around me the whole entire time. oh and i got his number. :) I then texted him and told him that i liked him and he said that he liked me too. He also drinks and smokes. But he's 18, so he's allowed to do that. Well some people tell me that i'm too young for him and that he wants to just have sex with me and then he will leave me. But other people tell me other stories about there love life being different ages. Like my grandma is 60 and my grandpa is 67. There 7 years apart and me and my guy, Alex, are only 4. You can say whatever you want, but all i know is that we have been together for 2 1/2 months and he has not touched me inappropriately so i don't think that he just wants to have sex withe me and leave me. I am still a virgin because i am mature and promised god that i will not have sex until i am married, i even told Alex that and he is fine with that. I once asked why he started liking me instead of someone his age. He told me that i'll find out later about that, but i don't understand what or how i am supposed to find out. Oh well i love him and he loves me. We're cute together and we know that. :)
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well it's not a big deal if you aren't having sex, and he's not cheating or taking advantage. It's just the "maturity" is different at those ages, but they'll equal out when you get to like 19

so cute :3

aw thanks:)

no prob :-)