Best Friend

Short story as i am no novelist :)

So it must of been 5/6 years ago now... could be longer I'm bad at keeping track at anything. I randomly signed up for a profile social site thing, was feeling pretty low with my self and lonely. When I signed up I never expected anyone to really talk to me not on a serious level anyway. That was until I met kim.. We instantly got on so well, I could tell her anything and everything about myself and she would find a way to turn it into a positive and make me feel better about myself. In return I listened to all her problems and sort of her helped her make some important decisions in her life at that time.

Over the time we have been talking we have fallen out three times, each for three months they were the longest times that we hadn't spoke for. We speak pretty much everyday mainly via text now days. We do have calls every now and then too..

Without meeting Kim and having her in my life, I truly don't think I would be where i am today. She's my best friend and although we have never met in person I treasure her.

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I hope to find that...thank you for sharing.


The Internet can be a good place when used right..... :)

Well, that is a very nice heartwarming story?