Originally, I joined plentyoffish.com for the personality test but was intrigued by the profiles and flattered by the comments. I was then referred to Okcupid.com by a former EP user. It has a more extensive personality test (if you can call it that) in which you answer as many questions as you want. I had so many people messaging me, but none of them were open-minded enough or there was no real conversation or attraction. Then I ran across a real down-to-earth guy. He was the first person I decided to meet from online, and he ended up being the last. A connection was obvious from the beginning and we are now happily exclusive. ^_^

We seem to understand the common downfalls of relationships and work to avoid them. For one, there has yet to be any head games. No questioning the motives of the other person or guessing whether they really like you or not. Nor has there been any fighting. Even if these should occur I'm confident that we would be able to talk it out rationally, considering we are both very logical and similar in our way of thinking.

The real challenge will be for me. I am going to college soon and it is more than likely that I will be really busy. I'm hoping to be able to juggle work, school, and a relationship successfully, and I refuse to give up. I've never felt more... ah whats the word... close to life, perhaps? He just makes me feel like I've been missing out on something, a big part of life thats so relaxing and... meaningful.
ashleyxxpiano ashleyxxpiano
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2011