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its crazy love lol

I'm going to start this story with lil insight of me and my life at that time......I was going through divorce from my ex husband of 5 yrs and also the father of my son who is 5 yrs old...well I came to a site called PLENTY OF FISH or pof...(all thanks to my ex-husband) started a profile on there...and talk to quite bit guys and went out on couple dates but none them really work...but made some great friends through the process i must say...than I came to a guy which we called him Merv, shortly after new years of '11.. he messaged me the shortest message i ever got on this site..."waz up?"  we message each other for 30 mins or so than we exchange numbers... We talked on the phone for hrs that night... we seems to hitted off great on the phone..we talked couple more days than we decided to make a date night...Which was Wednesday night in last January and its was very cold...He pull into my driveway with his truck and saw him let me truthful..I didn't think he was cute at 1st nor he was type of guy i would go for...oh before i forget. before he came pick me up i was so scared and freaking out about meeting him..i took couple shots which i was pretty relaxed by the time he came to my house lol... but anyways back to the story... We went walk around the mall which is lame as it sound but i let him plan the date since its man's job... and we talked and just walk around which we hit off great like we did on phone but there was lil bit an a** hole attitude about him i didn't like but i went along with the date anyways...than we went to restaurant and my mother called me freaking out and calling my date a rapist lol..and he overheard that... let me say he spoke his mind on that with me... which made him even more an a** but i don't blame him...than my ex husband called to talk to ours son which didn't go very well with him (my ex) when i told him i wasn't home...let me say this date was far from perfect.. We finally went inside and ate dinner.. I was kinda quiet bc he was being lil a** in the parking lot which was major turn off for me... but we end up giving each other kiss anyways..after dinner went back to the truck and he asked me "y i was being so quiet?" i told him i was thinking about some guy and wonder why he playing games as mean as it sounds but he was very blunt about this guy i was thinking about...than we called night.. we text each other for couple more days and I was still talking to other guys as well.. than he text and  told me he wanted to be only guy i talk to..I told, I have to have title and he said its was too early for that so we decided to just be friends which we talked couple times week ... than i move on to next guy and we end up being in relationship until the guy was playing games with me..totally blowing off and not taking my calls... I was so upset...I end up texting Merv and he was there to pick up the pieces that when i saw his soft side which made me like him a lot...than he was telling me about this girl he was talking to after me but for some i was jealous and i wanted him to my self but lucky few days after reconnecting they didn't work out... lol  (thank god) than we went to a 2ND date and met some of friends and then went to house after wards but there is no need to get into details of what we did at his but much later on that night we talk about where "us" going to go...i said its up to u...we made it official relationship that night and we been together ever since.... I know my story is lil crazy and mean etc etc.. we balance each other out...I'm kind and sweet one that needed to be tough and he tough and a** that needed to be sweet and loving lol...some how we work and we have wonderful relationship...ours relationship isn't perfect we have ours up and down but i wouldn't wanted any other way... I'm happy to say that we are only couple wks away from ours 1 year anniversary....
I know my story i was lil long but i have to give details of how we met and etc... but moral of my story...don't judge to quickly bc u maybe turning away something  that is good....I'm glad that even through i judge him and turn him away i got another here we are....almost a year...
karmkat karmkat 22-25, F Jan 12, 2012

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