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I had been chatting it up with a few people one day in some random yahoo chat room.. I was growing bored with the people in the room so I decided to switch to a room I had never tried before.. and a few minutes in I met someone who intrigued me.. we talked for hours....


That was 5 years I am now very much in love with the man who intrigued me so long ago.. we were fast friends and talked all the time.. helping each other with problems and what not.. even having long lasting phone conversations.. I had boyfriends he had girlfriends but we always knew that we would be there for each other even as just friends.. especially because we live thousands of miles from one another.. but about 2 years ago something changed we were much closer than before and all was well.. we were still "just friends" though.. 


6 months ago he told me something I hadn't expected to hear from him.. He said he was in  love with me.. and my heart flew.. I knew he meant it and I also knew I was very much in love with him.. we talked about being together and he told me if felt like we were already together.. we already had the emotional, mental, and spiritual connection all we were missing was the physical.. I agreed as did most of our friends around us lol.. 


Now we are still far apart and have never met.. because of the distance and all but we are planning a visit for this summer.. but we are very much in love.. some people thinks its stupid and not real because we met online.. and that its just gonna end but I honestly believe that people can fall in love without seeing someone face to face... any one else with me on this?

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my current boyfriend i met in a chatroom too. we exchanged numbers and ended up texting for 7 hours he said he would text me first thing after school the next day and he kept his word i always thought we were just friends cuz the day after we started texting he got a gf so i backed off a bit but we still texted daily then i was admitted to rehab and thought i could never talk to him again due to distance he lives 1000 miles from me but then just four weeks ago he texted me (its been bout five months since we last spoke though i was in rehab only for a month) so we started talking daily again all my friends say im stupid for loving a guy who claims to be 15 (one year older then me) i dont care so he asked me out i said yes now him and i r as happy as ever and we plan to meet when i turn 18 he also says im the love of his life and he loves me more then life itself this is my 5th long distance relationship that ive met in a chatroom ( same chatroom btw) he is the only guy that has stayed with me. i couldnt be happier.

that's great you found someone! so did I twice and recently got dumped by the one I thought was my soul mate sadly =/

Type your comment here...I met my boyfriend online. I am in deep love with him that I would not trade him over anything. He and I are very much far away... I am here in the US, he is in South east Asia. I love him so much that I tried to be get together with him. We were like best friends before telling problems of each other. He let me have a BF here and I let him too. Then, we become so much in love with each other that we are so possessive and we tried to be together. But it was so hard to be together. Recently, there is a slight misunderstanding going on between us and both of us become stressed out . And he shut everything down.. he don't even tell me what he is doing. I miss the old time when we become so crazy about each other. Now my heart is broken............ Not only in love online, I am going through a serious heartbreak now...

thank you.. I hope he and I are happy lol..and I am sure you will fine someone..

it seems just the fantasy to make other fool

I'm very happy for you two. I have met some really nice guys online, but so far, haven't met that soulmate. But, he's out there - I just know it. One of these days.<br />

I met my boyfriend on line.<br />
We don't live very far from each other.<br />
But we did not meet for 4 years mine was shy.<br />
And then we have got together and we were freinds for some time and then we are together .<br />
<br />
I had some hard time . Because I been alone so much.<br />
<br />
But we are together.<br />
<br />
It can happen.<br />
<br />
We dont live together but we are 25 miles way.<br />
But we are closer then some.<br />
<br />
It works for us.<br />
And I payed for it $25.00 single<br />
And that is what I got.