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I want to be a disciplined wife.
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me too me too

I wish I could help. I have talked to so many women who can't get their husbands to give them the spankings that they need.<br />
<br />
Of course, I have talked to even lots more men that would like spankings and can't get their wives to give them one.<br />
<br />
This would be a very difficult thing to do, but ask your husband if he would mind if someone else spanked you. I know three women who go to spanking parties with their husband's permission.

P/mommy,<br />
I also love dogs!

My sympathy!

I do too. And I have talked to him. And talked to him. Over and over and over. <br />
I still am not. <br />
I don't think I ever will be. :(

Yes talk to him about how much you want and need it.

Have you talked to him yet...???

Have you talked to him yet...???

Peter, I think she cannot get him to do it.

I am a switch and I love giving and receiving spanking. <br />
The receiving must be from a woman!