Living In A Dd Marriage

My husband and I live in a DD marriage wich means he is the head of houshold and I submit. We have some rules, and my HOH makes me to follow them. The rules are about care for my health and for my security , to obey him, to be respectful, no overspending and some more.
Once a week - on sunday morning - I get a maintanance spanking. This is the time we reflect the week and and I get punished for smaller sins. I really hate maintanance because it's every sunday without exception.
For bigger matters I get a severe punishmentspanking imediatly. The last time yesterday evening, and my buttom is still sore and tender. My HOH was really outraged because yesterday morning I got a ticket for overspeeding and (blame on me) for not wearing a seatbelt. I was nervous how to tell him about the ticket and decided to put it on the cuboard in the entrance. Now I was waiting, trembling, for him to come home. As he finally came home first thing he saw  was the ticket. I saw his anger and heard him saying: "Go. To. The. Bedroom. I really hate it, when he makes every word a sentence. I ran upstairs, and he was behind me- meens no more time to stall. I was supposed to take my jeans off, panties down and I did so. He lent me to the corner and let me wait and think for 15 min. Then he called me to come over his knee - and I saw the paddle - oh nooooo! I couldn't moove a toe. He said:"don't make things worse to you, if I have to pick  you up you get double. That was the last I wanted so I slowly went to him, and bend over his knee. He started scolding and then the first swat fall. I heard: Crack, crack, crack you have to wear a seatbelt swat, swat, swat, because it is dangerous not to wear it. Crack, crack, crack. If there is an accident you could die, crack, crack, crack, swat, swat swat. I started crying and pleading and telling him that I'm so sorry and please he should stop. But he doesn't. The paddle fall again and again until I was howling like a baby. After a time that seems to be an eternity he finally stoped. He sat me on hin lap and I cryed at his chest for several minutes. I felt so protected and I know I love him so much.

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How did you ask him to agree with a DD marriage?

Good girl.* Crack *

this. is. so. ****** up.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us

What a wonderful husband