Spanking In A Christian Marriage

I dont know how many women out there will admit it but, I believe a loving submsissive Christain woman has probably at least been spanked once.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years. It is understood in our marriage that the woman is submissive to her husband. He is responsible for all and takes responsibility also for my spiritual growth and development which means always being humble and pleasing God.

Some of the stories I read on line the men are spanking out of anger and inappropriate. The spanking should be only administered without anger.  It should never leave bruises or welts or cause any kind of damage that 15 minutes of cooling down doesnt provide.  Spanking in our home is done in his office and not in the bedroom. It is not sexual at all.  It does turn me on in that I appreciate I have a real man and I feel loved, protective and secure. 

Things spanked for are cussing, being mouthy, yelling, lying. I am allowed to explain if I say let me explain, it means I think he took something out of perspective. He loves me as his self and he only wants what is best for me which is serving and pleasing God and making it to eternal life.

Spankings are generally over the knee in his office with my panties down. At first he used his hand but, then he felt I was going out of my way to be disobedient (I was) because I liked the attention or craved it ( I did). So then a ping pong paddle was used and I didnt crave or like that at all. We talk about it and I accept responsiblity for my action.  Then I am to bend over his knee with panties down and I get usually 10 to 20 swats.  I pull my pants up or he does. We talk again, hug, and get on with our day. 

Vacation or being away from home is harder. Spankings are rare though as I try to behave in the manner of which a Christian woman should.
There are family bathrooms everywhere now days though. Gas station outside have locks and I was spanked once after throwing a temper tantrum where he could pull over the car near a forrest area off the road several yards where I bent over the hood butt bared.  He placed his hand on the small of my back double his belt and gave me a firm stingy spanking.  After I pulled up my panties and cussed him. Which he then took me over to a fallen tree where he counseled me and told me how he knew I was stressed but this was unacceptable we talked for several minutes until I felt better then I bent over his knee and got the spanking I deserved. I got probably 40 swats with his hand and was although my butt hurt and was really hot it was not abusive in any way. I later apologized for my behavior.

The last spanking I got was about a week ago when I lied to him about impulsive shopping.  We are saving for a new car and we both agreed we would not buy anything new without the others advice first and I wasted 249 dollars on a new purse (which I took back later).  I hid the purse but when I used it the first time he asked when I bought it and I said oh, months ago.... I felt so guilty.  He had believed me but, it showed up on our statement later in the month. This is  a big one. Lying.  He wasnt angry about money he was mad I lied we talked and he told me he was mad I lied to him over something like that.  I didnt get spanked while he was angry and I knew he would wait until he was calm and this wasnt about his anger.  He told me to wait until he calmed. This is rare but, the basic rule on this is to go wait in his office with my panties down bent of the arm of the sofa with my belly resting on the arm and not to get up until he comes up.  It was probably 2 hours like this before he came up. He told me to talk first so I pulled up my panties and we sat and talked and I was sure he wasnt mad at all... he was hurt I lied to him as I could have told him the truth and I would not have gotten spanked for telling the truth.  The consequence would have been to take the purse back. But because I lied I knew a spanking would be the punishment. I did not get the comfort of being bent over his knee which I much prefer but had to bend over the sofa arm and he used the belt.  He gives me about a swat with a second inbetween and it is hard enough to hurt and sting but I am not screaming in pain or anything.  It is a lesson and I wont lie again about a purchase. 

We are very happy. I like the spanking and cant imagine a marriage without it. He loves me and I have a very masculine man that puts God first and foremost then I come next.   It makes me feel secure and loved. Not abused.
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I can't understand why you need to tell us all this. There are thousands like you giving intimate details of their marriages. Why can't you just enjoy your intimacy without telling the world. I don't understand. Are you trying to make a political point? This kind of writing is now getting beyond a joke.

I thought experience project was all about sharing ?

Sounds like a DD marriage to me. It would never work in our marriage. I would be switched on by doing it and would lose the thread about the reason for the punishment. My wife is already submissive to me so I don't really see the point. No, spanking is only for fun in my marriage.

What I learned about spanking from my parents is that spanking should only be used on young children who are not yet able to have rational conversations. As an adult I have found that spankings can also be used in s&m play. I have a hard time understanding a marriage where the wife is put in the position of (in my mind) a pre-verbal child for dominance control reasons without any sense of play.

sounds like u get your share of spankings don,t u? But the spankings help u be a better person right?I,m sure u got a few more spankings since the last one in this story? spnkbooty

Such a wonderful way to run a marriage.

who spanks him when hes done something wrong?

I daren't go down the discipline route. I think it is unbecoming in a marriage. I'm not against spanking as an erotic thing but being punished for your faults like a child doesn't feel healthy to me. I wonder what is really behind it. I have a wonderful marriage and would never risk such a thing.

I don't understand why spanking cannot be enjoyed within a good marriage by the wife or the husband. I think this discipline thing complicates it. We are not children being disciplined. It is just fun and makes excellent foreplay. Full stop.

i liked the reasons he used punishment for, also i admired that he always do it while he is calm and away from people, physical punishment shouldn't be a tool in the hand of sexual nuts and sadistic men, it always should be one of many way for guiding and monitoring one's wife not humiliating her, i think.

I wish you can teach my wife to be like you.

Hi I am a Christian wife who has been married over 39 years. I got my first spanking frim my husband about a year after we got married. Now I mostly just get my maintence spanking saturday night after my bath, but once in a while I stil get in trouble. <br />
<br />
My dad spanked all of us growing up and Mom got spanked too. My dad was pretty strict. My husband didn't beleve in spanking at all but after a year of me being out if control he decided to spank me. I remember my first spanking from my husband. I came home after being out late, my Husband was mad about this and there being no supper. <br />
<br />
I was shocked to see my husband and my dad wiyh my dad holding a strap. I knew I was going to get it. My dad lectured me then he pulled down my jeans and panties and made me step of out of them. He then took over my husband who had me bend over the sofa and I got spanked with that strap. Then he put me in the corner. My dad and my husband has coffee and talked a while while I stood in the corner. I didn't dare move. My husband sent me to bed after my dad left. I wasn't really mad at my husband I knew I deserved to get spanked.

Your dad shouldn't be spanking you lol, that's just wrong i wouldn't let my dad near me no way . Your husband is the only one who can discipline you not your dad .

Yes, that is pretty much the way it is in our home. I can't either, imagine my marriage any other way. I too feel secure and loved. I personally feel that there is a big difference between a TiH relationship and abuse.

WOW,,,,,,, I envy you. your marriage is awesome, Ma'am.