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Wagging School+smoking+calls Home=owwies

Alright so heres my first spanking i EVER got.So anyway this was like around the start of the year so my mum diddnt know she was preggoz yet

I got sent home for  wagging maths and it diddnt really help that the princible caught me with a smoke in my hand hanging out with some friends in the bush land wich is outta bounds so me and the group of friends that i was hanging out with (There were only about 5 of us) Al had to go to the princibles office and get questioned by him than he called our perents and i rember while i was waiting and sitting down with my friend telling them that i was probly going to get grounded for this.But then when my step dad walked through the door and i was like WTF like he was supposed to be at work or something but i simply waved at my friends grabed my bag and walked out i wasnt really scared at the time of him cuse i thought that he would need to score brownie points with me but  once he got in the car he staarted giving me a REALLY long lecture aboout the affects of smoking and how wagging can affect my school record and some other things like that but i just kept quiet and once we reached home i just went up to my smallish bedroom and layed on my bed (Like who was he to lecture me like he had a clue heck he smoked all the time) So after 10 minutes of laying on the bed both my mum and step dad came up in to my room my mum sat on the egg shaped seat next to my bed and my step dad sat on the edge of my bed.

I can presilly rember my mum saying "Sarah im dissapointed in you this is not the first time you have been sent home for wagging but smoking to so me and Jason have been discussong it and we belive we will have to spank you"
At this point i just hung my jaw open in shock and yelled out "No fucken way in hell is that happening im 13 mum not 5 you.."
I got cut off by my step dad "Sarah that is no way to speak to your mother now come here"
"No way now get the **** out!"
"Sarah if you keep swearing i will wash you mouth out with soap"I rember him saying while he was grabing my arm and pulling me over his knee

Ok so you would think that he wouldnt be strong (Cuse hack he looks lik a nerd just saying) But he was and my butt was on fire i got about 20 whacks and I ALSO got grounded for a week but i got let off the grounding by Friday so i just hanged out with my friends (Who deffos dont know that i got spanked) and i do still get spanked sometimes but that was the first one like eva 
Sarah1997 Sarah1997 13-15, F 2 Responses Oct 28, 2011

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I would of spanked more for your cussing over the smoking. I would of warned you what would happen if you smoked again, (that is if that was the first time). If not a second spanking would be given.

I don't blame your stepdad for spanking you are you skipped school and were smoking. If that had been one of my daughters or stepdaughters they would of been put across my knee with their panties down getting a very hard bare bottom spanking as well.