My Husband's Dad Spanked Me!


You may think it strange but I had my first disciplinary spanking last year aged 25.

Let me explain. My husband was always away on business and I got lonely. I hooked up with a guy through an internet site. Soon we were sleeping together. He was so hot and I'd do anything for him.

Unfortunately, my father-in-law came around and threatened to tell my husband. I begged him not to. He finally agreed but on the proviso that he treat me like his own daughter and give me a proper spanking. I was horrified but eventually agreed.

He put me over his knee spanked me hard for a good10 minutes. First over my dress and then with my panties down. I was in floods of tears.

I think he enjoyed it!  
SammyScott SammyScott
26-30, F
4 Responses Apr 4, 2012

No-you really don't think that do you? Hahaha!

The question is:Did you ENJOY it????? Any physical reactions to his hand? Did you get a tingle in your *****, during or after the spanking?

The pleasure feelings came much later. At the time I was too busy crying and begging him to stop.

Damn right he did me too

i will love to spank u in bed with ur panties off.....u love it....then i lick u all over ...........u be drippin wet.........i tink u r a very sexy and beautiful woman....u need sweet loveing everyday.....

Sounds promising. Message me and tell me more