The First Of Many To Come

In the 15 years of knowing my husband, I never expected something like this. At first, I thought we had hit a dry period. My husband din't feel like having sex. I thought this would pass, but things only got worse. All other aspects of our marriage were fine except that. Lack of sex had an impact on my appearance. I didn't feel my husband found me attractive anymore. We were living together not as a couple but as simple relatives. I was constantly depressed. Then I got an email from a stranger, I would call Sir.

He didn't tell me who he was, but he did tell me that my problem was evident. This was so embarrassing!!! I couldn't believe it. He offered my husband and my self a mind game. Hubby was very excited about this new concept. I was not that happy at first but the immediate impact this unknown man had on hubby was very good. I had to start calling hubby Master, and basically live a life of a submissive woman. Master gave his consent for Sir to train me as a female pet. I had to obey orders from Master as well as Sir. Master also had to obey orders. We both had to complete weekly assigned tasks in a limited time. One week though, I was late with completing my tasks and Master got punished by Sir, through me. I had to spank my Master the way Sir wanted. I had already been collared by this stranger, and while spanking Master, I had to wear it, as well as in all private moments with Master. This was devastating for me. I didn't want to do this. I wasn't comfortable with hitting someone, not even if it is considered pleasure for some people. I was at fault for his punishment which made it even worse. If I didn't keep up with my tasks, the punishment would become permanent and I had to spank Master every night. This made me a little more alert in everything. I would stay up late to complete all my tasks. I couldn't afford to have Master punished every night for as long as the game would continue. It would have depressed me and the game would have had the opposing effect than the one wanted.

Once the punishment was halted, Sir informed me that the spanking was a good motivation for me. I was to be spanked for starters twice a week, lightly, spanked that is by Master, in order for me to keep me motivated with my weekly tasks. Master had specific instruction on how to spank me. Sir called it Motivating Spanking. This is to remind me that I am Sir's beautiful pet, and that I belong to him, that I am his property as long as I wear his collar. It is not to be painful, but it is to show me how it is to be punished. In the beginning, I was to receive two spankings every week, one on Sundays and one on Wednesdays. Master, Sir's submissive pet, is allowed to use me and my body but I am not allowed to ******. For every three consecutive weeks Sir feels pleased with me, he will detract a day, leaving always at least one day. If he is not pleased by me, he will add one for three weeks. The maximum being seven spankings per week, which would mean I will not be able to ****** for at least three weeks. After each spank, I have to send an email to Sir informing him about the spanking my bum bare and my breasts uncovered, as well as still wearing his collar and leash.

The first spanking was to be held on a Wednesday. I had no idea how this was going to play out. That night, Master took me to our bedroom, where he placed the collar and leash around my neck. I am not happy at all with the collar much less the leash. It is very demeaning for me, no matter what it represents in this dark world. I am beginning to feel like Anastasia Steele. This game though, makes Master happy , and I love making Master happy. Master told me to get on all fours on the bed. He pulled down my pants and pulled my shirt over arms. He told me I had to recite after counting each spank "I belong to you Sir ___, I am your property". I was shocked!!! How could I say those things thirty times? I don't want to belong to anyone. If anything I only want to belong to Master. Only dogs and cats and slaves have owners and are owned.

Master's hand hit my bum. It didn't hurt me at all physically. That first spank though hit my heart. I recited what I was told to say. This was so humiliating and degrading! This unknown man wanted to spice up our life and this was the way? How can this be? How can he make me feel more attractive for Master yet he humiliates me and degrades me in front of him like this? I felt so helpless at that moment. I wanted to cry. I didn't though. I had to keep calm. I tried to imagine other times, better times, when Master and I shared another type of relationship. Where Master and I basically, had more sex than rabbits, without spanking and without humiliation. A time, where Master liked our sex life that way, without anyone, a third person, in between us telling us how to do things. But as I thought all these things, the spanks kept coming on my bare bum. Those days were long gone, Master was tired of our old ways, and this is where it has gotten us to. The count to thirty couldn't come soon enough. It seemed like an eternity. Master told me to get up and go do what Sir told me. Write the email to him. I did as I was told. As I was writing this email, I couldn't understand what I had done wrong to deserve this type of punishment. I know I was late with my tasks, but this isn't a way to treat a human being. How could I feel sexy under these conditions? I pressed send, and returned to our bedroom about to remove my collar, where I found Master naked in bed waiting for me. I couldn't believe my eyes! This whole spanking business had turned him on. I had no choice but to climb in bed next to him and oblige. I have made a commitment and this is what I had to do. I had never felt more used. First, I got humiliated and then Master wanted pleasure in continuation of this humiliation. What was wrong with this picture? I decided that this was better than the consequences, our life before Sir. I climbed in bed with Master. Master had his way with me alright. I couldn't ****** that night and it was hard for me, since Master is the master of my world and one touch of his sends me spiraling.

It has been a week now, and the spankings, because of my attitude, have risen to three a week. I still feel even more humiliated, since Sir wants me to think that it is not Master spanking me but him. I hope I get used to the idea and maybe even like it, because my mental state right now is not at its best. I have to be on my best behavior not to displease Sir from now on not to raise the spankings. As a matter of fact, I must end my story here, because I must complete another task assigned to me this week, a slutty act. Any ideas?
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36-40, F
Dec 6, 2012