My First Adult Spanking

With the exception of an occasional swat from a partner, I did not have any real experience with spanking as an adult. I had been told to expect a blistering and I was very nervous. Not knowing what to expect was driving me crazy. Was I expected to cry, or not to cry? Did he want me to ask him to stop or pretend it hurt? Would it hurt? What if I said stop and he didn't? What if he were disappointed and never wanted to see me again? What if he wanted to see me again and I did not want to see him? I had not been classified as a sub for very long and I really did not know exactly how this was done. Unsure of how I should act I had to wing it and play off his clues. At last the evening was here. He was here. We talked, trying to put me at ease I am sure. I did relax a little and then we retired to the bedroom. I remember flashes, like snapshots. Being asked if I had been a good girl. Him telling me I had not been good enough and that I was going to be punished. The sound of his voice, the feel of his hands, everything he did raised my already heightened awareness of what was about to happen. Flash to my pants down around my ankles, his hands run over my bare bottom, and then I am across his knees. The first blows are sharp with strokes in between as he tests my responses. His hand slips between my legs to find me soaked and he chuckles. That sound rings in my head. He tells me what a bad girl I am for being so turned on by my punishment, but I know that he is excited by my response and it makes me proud. The slaps vary in speed and severity and also in where they strike. He tells me to count strikes and we decide on 20 I believe. He sooths the reddening flesh with his strong yet so gentle hand and tells me to ***** and lay naked on the bed. It is not fair that since I was the bad girl that his hand should hurt too... The sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his pants is so reminiscent  of the spankings of my childhood that I shudder involuntarily. Again, that chuckle that raises gooseflesh on my naked body, and then a whistle and crack and the belt lands on my bottom. It hurts more than I remember from my childhood spankings, but in a good way. It stings and heats and makes me want more. There are words, he speaks and I answer but I can't recall specifics except his concern in making sure that I am okay. Over it all are the strikes, softer, harder, faster, slower, in the same spot and others. He tells me to be more vocal and I try, I want to please him but, it is hard for me to voice what I am feeling. In my head I am counting and waiting for the next blow. I feel welts rising, I know without looking that I am beet red and he confirms this for me, traces some lines with his fingers and lays a cool palm on my bottom before asking if I can take more. "yes, Sir" I reply and then it starts again. He stops at times to see if I am still turned on, "Yes, Sir" I definitely am. I am afraid my tears will turn him off but they seem to excite him too. He asks me if I can take 10 hard ones, I say maybe 5 and we agree on 8.  I try not to flinch away from the blows, I want so bad for everything to be like he wants it. I feel each strike, they land where others have been before them by now. It hurts and I cry. I refuse to ask him to stop, I can take this and I will take this, smack, slap, sharp and hard (there would be black and blues for a week, but I did not know that then). I think he does 10 anyway. When he decided I had enough he let me wash my face and then he holds me while I collect myself. He is so tender and gentle and soothing. He rubs his hands across the welts and heat. I wonder what he feels, knowing only what I do, the sharp little edges sting when touched, but it is pleasant, the coolness of his hands feels like a healing balm and again I get a flash of pride for taking the strikes for him. He says I did well and he is proud and that I deserve a gift. To my amazement he allows my to pleasure him. I can't believe he allows me to touch him and I try my best to show him how happy it makes me. I love the feel of him in my hands and mouth (I think he likes it too). After, he holds me and we lay together.


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Remember that you are you and how you react is you. He is looking for you to be you. He was very good with you, checking to make sure you are alright. I wish I could find a woman like you that would serve me. Looking forward to hearing more stories. Please add me as a friend.

All I expected and more. I had no idea what it would be like. But now I know and I am better for the spankings. Read my stories I posted on it. i think you will enjoy them.

Spank1972 how did you like it? Was it all you expected?

Rereading your story, takes on a whole different meaning now that I have received my first disciplinary spanking. Flashe are coming back.

S/1972, please describe it to us when you receive yours.<br />
Happy spanking!!

I am much like TY Sir and am awaiting my first real punishment.

When can we expect another of your fab. stories,TY Sir? Lol

good story, I only wish I had found you as a partner

Happy spankings!

Thanks for all the great comments.

Love your story

ThankYou, Please share more of your experiences; it's a great turn on. Sure your partner liked it too.

very nice...I am trying to learn more. that was great info...I am ready to get one

Thanks, your story turns me on! I wish i was spanked more.

Roger Wilco

Thank you.<br />
I was with Sir for about a year and then we went our seperate ways. I have recently reunited with him and it is as if we were never apart. So, stay tuned for more installments. :-)

Wow! Some good stories hidden in these experiences, but this is a gem. BRAVO, and above all ENCORE! Keep up the good work.