This Guy

I met my mother's "father" at his funeral. She didn't like him. I've heard why and I dont' like him either. I don't consider him a grandpa. I remember seeing him in that coffin and thinking, "is he gonna jump out and kill me??" He looked capable of it, even in death. For me, this man was simply "this guy" who fathered my aunts and uncles and drove my grandma crazy (when she finally left him, or he her, things got better for her, and she is now just fine!). I don't claim the grandpas (or hardly any of he family for that matter) on my father's side either, except for one, and he is only married into the family. My great grandpa on mama's side was awesome.. but he died long before "this guy".  I don't really have a grandpa... and I don't really have a dad...
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
22-25, F
Jun 19, 2007