Thanks, Aol!

I met my husband in an AOL chatroom in November 2002. He lived in Philadelphia and I was in Minneapolis. We also had a huge age gap. Anyway, he blindly, without ever meeting me, hopped a bus to Minnesota to live with me in April 2003.  We married in August 2003 in Las Vegas and in April 2004, I gave birth to our first daughter, whose name we picked out over the phone before we ever physically met.  We moved back to his hometown for a few years and now back to my hometown and have had another daughter and are coming up on our 4 year wedding anniversary! :)
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Beautiful story :)

I met mine online via Yahoo! chatrooms in 2004 and we've been going strong ever since. <br />
<br />
May you find nothing but happiness w/your new family.

Congrats!!! Glad things are going so well for you two.