"i Met My Soulmate" :-)

My hubby met me when i was 18yr old!!! and "pursued me until i was 21", then i gave in!! ha!!ha!! and married him!
I am so GLAD and PLEASED i did, i've not regretted a minute of our marriage!!! "HE IS THE!! BEST!!!, i have fell lucky!!
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Oh!! my goodness yes!! you have to work hard at a marriage, by comprimising and i think the key is "communication" without that you are lost and there is no point!! at all, if you can't be honest don't bother, I hate lies and secrets i won't stand for it!!!,. <br />
I once told my hubby, "I am the best wife he will ever have" lollollol and if he wants to go!! yeah!!!! go for it!! ha!ha!ha!!ha!!! <br />
We have been married 20 some odd years but been together since i was 18 and i am now my age now!! lollollol :-) <br />
Yhank you! for your comment!! IWTGMO!!! i appreciaate it!! thank you! :-)

Thank you!! giggles so much for commenting, my friend!!! thank you!! :-)

Aaw, that's so wonderful! I'm really happy for you :)