My Boyfriend :D

Ok, me and my boyfriend didn't meet in the conventional internet way - it way totally by accident! Ok so i have yahoo for all that crappy email that's like "you can meet people online". Anyway i decided to download the messenger and add my friend on there so that when i went on holiday we could keep in contact. So i downloaded the messenger and I got a message saying would u like to talk to *******.
I accepted because
a) it was 1am so i was too tired to know what i was doing.  
b) i was bored!  

Anyway within an hour we were full on flirting, he had accidently added me to his yahoo instead of the girl that he was dating. In the end he got talking to me so much that we went on call. When I heard his voice I could have melted; it was so gorgeous - beautiful. While we were on call though he got a call and left it too his machine. It was this girl he had took to dinner a few times.
He picked up the phone and told her that he didn't want to date her anymore.

Long story short within a month we were in an internet relationship. For the past 4 months we have talked everyday but on the 13th of march im going away for four days!!! The first time we have been apart!

I dont no what to do! I am going to miss talking to him so much!!!!!!

marksgirl13 marksgirl13
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2009