I Met My True Love Over the Internet

I had a msn myspace I updated it almost everyday. I had people commenting me and I clicked on the new myspace links where I commented on some other spaces. One morning I woke up early to get ready for school I logged on myspace, I was in hurry but for some reason I found the time to click on one of the other spaces links and a site came up, some guys space from my province, I read through his blog entry and left a comment. 

Same day after school, I was sitting and waiting for my bus, I remember I was very lonely I wished I had a boyfriend someone who would hold me tight and take care of me. when I got home I checked myspace where I found a comment, this guy commented me back, so I commented him again and left my email. A few hours later he added me.........and that was the beginning.

we started chatting and our conversation seemed to never end, we were talking from 06:30 PM to 11:05 PM we exchanged pictures and I went on cam. I still have our first conversation. He lived 150 km away from me, in the first conversation we were talking about meeting already, for a reason I trusted him from the beginning and didn't think that he might be a bad guy, he wanted to meet the next day I wanted it too but I said no because at that time I had a huge pimple lol. The next day we were already talking on the phone for hours and the next day and the next day and the next, I really enjoyed our conversations it was never boring with him. One week later we arranged a date, he would drive for me and we go to the movies and just spent time together. I had never done blind dates before and he hasn't either but we really wanted to do this. I was 17 and he was 21.

finally!!! our first date, I woke up and was so exited, we wanted to meet at a bar at 8 PM and at 7 PM it was raining like a waterfall, I was so mad. suddenly I got scared to meet him and phoned him to cancel the date but after he said he was already half way there I decided to do it. The rain stopped right before our date and the sun came out, I remember when I left my house walked to the bar, the streets were wet and shiny after the rain and I was very hot and shaking all over my body, it was just a 2 min walk but I wished it would be longer, my heart was beating like crazy, I came around the corner and saw his car, I was so nervous, he came out and walked up to me, I noticed how tall he was, he told me his height but I guess he was wrong about it cuz he was Hugeeeeeee and very skinny. He looked like in his pictures but I wasn't that attracted to him at the beginning, we went into his car and started to talk and laugh, I couldn't tell that he was nervous, he let me drive his new car and then we went to the movies where he accidentally walked into the girls washroom lol it was so funny, poor him he was so embarrassed. After the movie we drove to the lake but couldn't go through because it was closed so he drove me home, it was 12.30 AM. we hugged in the car, I wanted to kiss him but I was too shy and so was he. 

The next day he texted me how much he liked me and wanted to see me again, I wasn't that interested in him but for some reason I wanted to see him again, so the next weekend he came camping at the lake where he spent the whole weekend and I was with him all day and all nights (but of course nothing happened), we made out for hours, went to the lake, I will never forget how romantic that was. That is when I realized that I started to have strong feeling for him. after he left I missed him so much and cried, he drove every weekend for me. He bought a house and I moved in with him and now we've been living together and dating for over 5 years. Engaged now and getting married in 2011

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ahhhhhh so cute it is

That's soooo sweet ! I like the part where you was like ( I said no because at that time I had a huge pimple ) hehe hilarious . I hope you guys have a wonderful life together.

How lovely.

This is beautiful and so romantic :') I want a story like this =)

This is such a cute story. I am glad it turned out wonderful for you and he was not some creep.

Thats wao !!! nice you meet your love who was just 150 KM away. I am in love with a girl, she is thoudands of miles away from me. I need your help for my love.. can you please ? because my story is almost like yours... need help as a friend in the name of love...

Hi, I had to wait until my fifties tobe able to marry my true love! My story is posted under something about Young Love. Whatever age, ain't love grand?

Wow, your encounter through the internet seems to have turned out like a lot of people wish it would happen for them. Keep enjoyin eachother!

Nice story!!! Good for you, you deserve it. lol, I walked in the girls washroom once too at the movies. Good thing no one was in there. I was confused as soon as I entered, there were no urinals. I thought to myself, damn it nice in here. It did not smell like someone pissed all over the wall. When I walked out I looked on the door again and I was so embarrassed. You guys get everything better, lol.

that's so romantic. I wish I could find someone like that. too...Good Luck to ur relationship. =D

awwww.... I can feel the love.. SNIFF SNIFF < blow nose in tissue > Unicorns are lucky xxx