I Think I'm In Love...

The only thing is that I never met him in real... He first added me on facebook thinking I was pretty and we kept talking as much as we could on AIM. He's so adorable I'm totally crazy about you. We try to vchat everyday and when we can't because I'm too busy or because he is, I miss him so much! The only problem is that we won't be able to meet for for like 1 year and it's gonna be really hard for me because all I want is to be in his arms and I need it ( because of some problems I have )... I just don't know if I'll be able to wait so long + it's so hard to trust him, I don't think he's lying to me but he could be, he could be lying about everything ( except he identity since we video chat all the time ). So if you have any advice, please let me know...  xoxo.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Actually, i feel the same with with a guy i met online. He seems such a great guy. We video chat too every time we can and whenever we can. I think we are both in love with one another but we just can't meet for now. Like you, he and I are apart but we want to see each other too. Time swiftly passes by on silent wings. If you are both for each other and you are truly serious about your feelings for each other, a year would be nothing compared to an eternity with him. Sacrifices must be made. I hope things between him and you get better as I with mine. :) Cross fingers and wish on a falling star.

I feel the same, I am so in love. I really want to be with him. <3

Internet love actually work much slower than traditional love, but yet it makes it easier to find the one if both are good at writing and expressing yourself through this colder yet deeper way of connection. Traditional way has friends to support which add to the trust, but online people have all these fears. Actual Internet crime is not that many, comparing with car accidents, actually! Some people just don't like the Internet b/c it threaten their interest, so they spread lies about it.

Go for it ! : ) You never know he could be the one ha I hope he isn't lying to you.

You have no idea what my problems or feelings for him are, you shouldn't judge...