How I met my Wife

My best college drinking experience was the night that I met the women who would become my wife.  It was three days after my 22nd birthday, and it was her 21st birthday.  She was out drinking at a favorite bar of the students of our college, and was having a good time.  I was also out at this bar having a few drinks with some of my buddies.

She approached me as we had gone to high school together, but had not been friends or even really spoken before in the past.  We ended up talking for a while and I ended up buying her some shots for her birthday.  We had fun that night, and I got her phone number for a future meeting.  I was very excited and let me buddies know about it. 

I went back to my place and immediately started talking to her on AOL.  We talked for a few more hours, and had lots of drunken fun!  Overall, it was one of the best drunken nights that I have had in all of my life, let alone my college years.

A few days later I gave her a call, and we went out on our first date.  It was a nice dinner, and we ended up going back to the bar were we met.  We had some drinks and go to know each other better that night. This continued for the rest of the school year and even continued when we went back to our home town. 

Three years later, we are now happily married living together back in our home town.  We still go back to our college to visit the place where we met and back to the restaraunt where our first date occured.  Thanks to drinking alcohol in college, I met my wife.  And we know have a kid on the way due later this year!  Yeah!

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2006

Good for you! Don't matter where you met her, you are both happy. Did you have the baby yet? gl