I Met My 1st Wife In a Bar, and Left Her In a ***** Club

My first after college roommate took me out with her to a bar.  We hung out together for a while and then went "hunting" seperately.  She was rather frisky herself, but nothing ever happened between us.  We made that clear to each other to start with.


I spotted a nice looking hottie serving drinks in the main lobby area where a band was drinking.  I wasn't in her area, but noticed that she saw me to and gave me the biggest smile I'd ever seen.  She was just shy of 5 ft, but was stacke in all the right places to fill out her little black dress, topped off with a wide brimmed hat with locks of reddish brown hair flowing out from beneath.

I moved over to her area and waited to be . . . aheam . . . waited on.  She never waited on me, though.  I spotted her at the bar talking to people, and eventually she spotted me again in my new local, flashing me that smile again and adding in a few bats of the eye lashes.  I waved her over.

I asked, "Why haven't you waited on me?"

"Oh hun,"  I think she touched me on the shoulder looking down with a look of pitty in her eyes.  "I just got off.  My shift is over."

"Well ****, I moved over here just so that you would come and talk to me."

"Well, we are going to the Waffle House.  If you want, you could come with us."

"I'd love to, but my roommate drove me and I don't want to get left behind.  But hey why don't you give me your number and I'll give you a call?"

"Why don't you give me your number?"

"Fair enough," I said with doubts that I'd hear from her.  I scribbled down my number on a bar napkin.  Two days later she called.   Three months later we were married.

It was doomed from the start, but I was determined to keep my trophy.  She left the bar because she felt like it was a bad influence on our marriage.  She tried a few different jobs, but had trouble holding them down.  I wasn't able to give her the attention such a trophy needs, and we went broke by my trying.  Ultimately, my trophy needed more attention and more maintance than my commitment alone could provide.  In her last "real" job in our marriage she was fired for writing out checks to herself off the payroll.  I nearly lost my car and my job trying to keep her out of trouble.

She felt pretty bad about it.  I was so desparate to keep our family fed that I began stealing things from my work.  It was never anything they would miss, but they were things essential to our life such as toilet paper and small cartons of milk or juice.  Every penny counted and I counted every penny.  The bank account was never in the black, except for maybe the two days after payday that I used to decide which bill I might be able to float for another month.

She came up with a solution and came to me with it.  She suggested that she start dancing.  Any other point in my life, it would have been a flat out no.  Now, though, it seemed the best legal option.  She could make enough money to help with the bills and have some for herself.  And so she did.

I learned a lot about the dancer's lifestyle.  It is a party lifestyle where money talks and bullshit walks.  Dancers get two things out of the lifestyle, money and attention.  In order to get those two things they have to become salesmen.  In order to sell their product, they have to socialize with the customer.  The club itself makes its money off of drinks.  The club management encourages dancers to get customers to buy them drinks.  The girls sit with a customer, encourage the customer to purchase them a drink and take the chance while they are drinking it to sell a private dance, vip dance, champaign room, whatever the special of the club is.  It is symbiotic.  The girls get money and free booz, the clubs get more money, and the customer feels like a girl really likes him.

The problem for us was, she felt like I should have been pawning all over her at least as much as her best customers were.  Our final divorce agreements were made during one of her day shifts.

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2 Responses May 29, 2007

She did coke when I met her. She promised while we were dating that she quit. I suspect she either didn't or started back when she was dancing. I'll probably never know for certain.<br />
<br />
I didn't so much have a problem with the dancing, either. It was the after hours parties without bothering to call, not getting home until five minutes after I had to go to work, the accusations that I liked other dancers better, oh sheesh, the list goes on and on.<br />
<br />
But, it actually turned me on watching her dance for other guys.

Yeah been there done that and she took the T shirt when she left...lol<br />
<br />
I actually had no issue with the Dancing, it was the drugs that I couldn't understand. She would spend half the money she made each shift up her nose before she ever got home...