I Met My Wife In a Bar

 I met my wife in a bar in Germany she was  a real hot one. we had meny good years haveing wild fun. she was seeing a lot of men at the time.
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I was about one block away when they caught up with her. She gave one of them a real wet kiss. They had to know at that time she wanted to ****. I was never so hard in my life watching three black men fondling the hell out of my wife. They went about three or four more blocks when into an apartment. I did not follow because I did not want to **** there find fun up with my wife. She came back to our hotel room a few hours later while ******. My wife told me she was gonna meet them about 10 PM that night for more fun.<br />
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On another subject my boss was ******* my wife brains out without knowing that I know about. I started getting a lot of overtime I didn't know why until my wife told me what was going on.

How far away from her were you when they made contact with her? Did you watch them doing her?

I will give you an example of how easy my wife was to make, while we were walking on the American side of nagger falls they were three black men behind us making comments about my wife. I do not believe we were meant to hear their comments but anyway we heard them. My wife told me to walk away from her and see what a man would do. She had a relatively short skirt use it to her advantage it got the job done.

That is so ****** erotic. Thanks for sharing, and your story too. I want some too.

I did **** her as soon as we found a place where we can do it safely she was one real good ****.<br />
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It did not take long to find out that she had an endless appetite for men which I totally enjoyed. I wanted her to be my wife so bad and other men want her body to use as they wish.<br />
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Our fun really get going when I was transferred back to the USA my duty station was Fort story Virginia Beach. A few days at my new assignment I found out they had an enlisted man's club on the base I told my wife about it she wanted to go there the first chance we got which was that night. <br />
She knows I cannot dance from previous attempts I prefer it that way so that she can dance with other men. We arrived at the club about 8 PM they were very few women there mostly white GIs and a few black ones.<br />
We found a table in the back of the club I got is a few beers when I came back a guy was talking to her I asked him to join us. He asked me if it was all right to dancer my wife I said of course I told him to make a good dance gave him a smile.<br />
They were on the dance floor five minutes when my wife started grinding on him he was pushing back also. He would occasionally look my way I would give him a big smile as to say it was okay. He was the first guy to **** my wife on that base. She had many other requests for dances after that but my wife was all horned up and wanted to go home with your new friend.

I ****** her soon after we met, one wild ***** I knew I wanted to marry her then.

you've got to tell us more than that

did you f,uck her straight away?