Everyone Was Friendly Today!!

I took my 92 year old Grandmother shopping for home improvement items. We went to one large chain store (Home Depot) and a man named Bob spent a long time helping us. He was very friendly and kind. We found somethings we needed. I actually taught him a neat trick to help older people in the shower/ tub, by adding a little shut off valve at the end nearest the hand held shower head. That way they can shut it off without having to stand up or change the temperature. He liked that. We thanked each other and said we would be back if we couldn't find a better product at the other store.

Then we went to another big Chain store (Lowe's). We got into the store and I noticed that my Grandmothers shopping cart was pulling to one side. I saw a store employee putting items back using a cart. I asked if he would trade carts with us so that she would have an easier time. His name was Ross and was 20 or younger. A kid to us. He switched carts and then helped us with all kinds of plumbing questions and products. I gave him my "Pay it forward bracelet", which I learned about on this website. People Love them. What a doll this young man Ross was. I asked if she could get a senior discount and he said we would have to talk to someone up front. Then another young lady came and helped him load a marble counter top on to a special cart he went and got for us. The young lady called up front and arranged for us to get 10% off of everything we bought. She even hugged and kissed both grandma an me. LOL.

We got up front and paid and got our discount and I went to get the truck so grandma would not have to walk far in the cold and wind. While I was walking out I heard someone saying goodbye to Phil. I asked him if he was the Phil who gave us the discount. He said Yes and I thanked him and told him he would be rewarded for his kindness by another person. When I got back with the truck, I was lifting the marble counter top into the back and a male customer who was coming out offered to help. I said yes please and we both lifted it in. I said thank you for paying it forward and assured him that someone else would be kind to him.

So back we go to to Home Depot. I lifted the marble counter out of the back of the truck and put it in the cab by myself. NOT EASY, lol. We went in and found our friend Bob again. He helped us by trying to get us the 10% off like Lowe's did. The assistant manager there was not very kind. She said my 92 year old grandmother would have to get a credit card with the store in order to get 10% off. That upset me a little, so I went to customer service and Tiffany went out of her way to get us the 10% off too. She called the assistant manager Ginger, and asked again if she could help us with a discount. She would not even come out and talk to us. SSSOOOO I returned everything I bought earlier. Grandma applied for the stupid credit card at the age of 92!!!!! Then we had everything rung up again and put it all on the new card in order to get the 10% off. One of the men from the store helped me load it on the truck.

So thank you very much to BOB, JIMMY, TIFFANY and COREY from Home Depot.

Gemma from the Chick-fil-a restaurant and all the other kind young men there.

Ross, Phil and the young ladies that helped us in Lowe's.

May God bless all of these kind people and give them an abundance of kindness and all good things in return for their kindness to Grandma and myself.

And Yes I filled out the surveys on the receipts and mentioned all the kind people by name. I also made sure that the Home Depot customer service people in the headquarters knows that I was unsatisfied with the actions of the Assistant manager, Ginger. She should have come out and spoke to us. What goes around comes around. By my reporting her to her bosses, maybe the next senior citizen will leave that store happier.

Oh yes, I will say that Howell NJ is full of very kind people. I thank God for giving us the opportunity to meet them.

Loveisallaround Loveisallaround
46-50, F
Feb 19, 2009