Probably More Than This

Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Heather Locklear, Tamara Mowry, Angela Lansbury, Jamie Foxx, Judge Ito...

Being that I don't really keep up with famous people I probably met more and just don't know it.

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10 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Reggae star Bounty Killer came into my hotel and was a complete A$$! He was like "I'm famous... you work for me!" Being that I am Jamaican and was enraged I put him in his place. Funny after that he was so polite and respectful to me and the front desk staff! <br />
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When I worked in the jewelry department of a store the Jamaican Prime Minister came in and I assisted him with his purchase. I didn't know who he was and was wondering why the Men in Black were with him... *giggles* he must really be an alien! *giggles*

I don't think I've met anyone REALLY famous. When we were in NYC last year I thought I was near 'celebs' a couple of times just by the attention they were getting but we didn't recognise them. We've also found out about 'near misses'. When we were in Pairs P Diddy was seemingly up the Eiffel Tower when we were doing the same sights.

I met Bob Geldof (Live Aid ) and Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson). Sherman was a real jerk and acted like I put him out for asking for his autograph... :-(

I saw and was spoken to by Hopalong Cassity, I ate at the table next to John Wayne, who was eating alone, and I had Fred Astair walk down the aisle right by me an an airplane. Boy was Astair pissed about something.

Wow. "Fancy running into you." !!

Yes she is still alive and looked good considering. *no disrespect*<br />
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Once in Orlando I physically crashed into Shaq's chest.... he had to catch me from falling onto the floor.

Wow. I just remembered. I was with Jeff Kobers ex for a few years, so I got to meet him and the cast of China Beach. That was pretty thrilling. That was at the Vietnam Jam in Tucson Az.<br />
Santa Monica. You never know who you're going to see on the third street promenade!

I saw the guy from the older sprint commercials in Santa Monica. We were in that Caribbean restaurant and he walked in scoped the place out and then walked out.

In Santa Monica, Ca. Martin Sheen told me to be careful once!

I once picked up this hitch hiker outside of Memphis. He was dressed in a rhinestone laiden jumpsuit and curled his lip when he spoke. He said something about being a king and all...