Music Says A Lot

    I've said for years that the people writing and singing songs today are not artists. They can't compose a song that fits the human emotion or the human experience, because most of the writers haven't experienced very much and of those that have, they lack the elegance and refinement to produce a decent song.
    So, in order to truly express the feelings of the heart through music, we (or at least I) need to go back to the days of real song writers, real singers, elegant people, and simply better times.  I awoke this morning deeply missing my EP love and thinking ahead to when we can finally be together and not have to bear the suffering of  so much distance. An old song came to mind and I decided to post it here.
    So, my dear; I know how you are feeling, and I feel the same way. But this song should help us both to remember that we are not the only ones unsure of an uncertain future, and who must bear separation and great distances. We are, in fact, in very good company. We simply must, like those others in our company, be strong.

northguy northguy
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1 Response Jun 12, 2011

Very heartfelt and passionate! I hope she appreciated this!