Fooled Around And Fell In Love....

.....but it didn't last for me. i guess all good things do come to an end. that could be the title of my autobiography *SIGH*
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It'snot true to say that nothing lasts. The right one will endure for ever. The fact that things haven't worked out so far just means you are yet to find the right one. Never give up, for when you do find the right your happiness will be unimaginable. I can't promise that there will not be more unhappiness along the way but the true happiness will outweigh and remove all the pain.

That's a nice comment! And I thought I was the idealist and you a cynic!

well it's safe to say that i haven't met the right one. with my luck, that won't happen until i'm on my death bed lol. by then, who cares?

I'm sorry to read this. It's s true that nothing lasts :(<br />
<br />
There is a saying that keeps going around my head these days. "this too shall pass". It's meant to offer comfort by saying bad times will come to an end but equally it means that good times pass too and that people are only truly happy when they don't try and hold on to things and live for the moment.<br />
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I find this so sad. Yes. Living for the moment is fun but we have need some ba<x>se roots and stability. Life is so complicated. Here's to hoping you find someone special who appreciates you and see's what they have got! :)

thank you, liquidgold :) these days, i think i have a better shot at winning the lottery than finding someone who appreciates me and what i have to offer. come to think of it, i'd rather have the money! lol

LOL - I'll second that, Hon!!

I'm sure there someone out that for you. You have to find him.

oh i don't know about that, SM. *sigh*

I agree with that, jerrica.

yes, my friendships have usually been more enduring and my friends far more dependable than any romantic relationship i've had.

i'd take a good friend anyday. friendships are usually more enduring than love relationships.

I wish you find, if not love, a good real friend.

*hugs* to you too, my friend and thank you for saying that. i think having been down this road more than a few times makes it easier to get over.

IDK...I think it's horrible every time :-(


really, it's not good :(

i agree that nothing lasts forever especially the good times.

too late for that, sunsetsong.

i think it's safe to come out now lol

i didn't think this guy was like that and i didn't know him to be invloved with anyone else here but maybe i didn't know all that i thought i did. maybe i didn't know him after all.

i fell in love with this song the very first time i heard it :) sometimes i wish i hadn't fooled around on here though but i could never leave well enough alone. silly me.