A Poem For Her Who Possesses My Love

Wherever you are, you are with me.
Wherever I am, I'm with you
Destined to belong to each other;
love has found us at last.

In silence, I hear your heart beating.
In response, my heart beats to yours.
Two hearts that beat in the darkness,
sharing the song they both wrote.

Through all of space and the distance,
we have met in love's embrace.
We have achieved a dream together,
We have stood and loved face to face.

And like a farmer in spring time,
we shall nurture the love we've begun.
In sadness our tears shall give water,
and the light of your smile is the sun.

What we've started together is the beginning
of a life-long story we write.
And we'll dance together in sunshine,
and dream together each night
northguy northguy
46-50, M
Nov 27, 2011