Standing My Ground.

Without the rain
You cannot gain
The power you need
To grow a seed.

Without the love
Alone the dove
She still flies
And though
She cries
Her wings still spread.

Hark! The winds blow
Laments from my heart
And my Love stirs anew:
Huntress loads a dart.

Her aim is straight
Her arrows are true
Huntress is Forever
Forever man too.

Stand by my side
For as long as you may
Soon we shall battle
Triumph our way.

Then if you choose
To leave me alone
I will just make
Forever my home.

(To Forever man:
I regret the pain
that I cause you
more than you
shall ever know.)

Ready for Battle.

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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

<3 this was lovely. Good luck to you both.

You will conquer! &lt;3