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Stone Angel

this feeling of darkness of emptiness overwhelms me. it seizes me like being outside in the snow and hypothermia is setting in. permeating me. a numbness seizing me. the only thing is feel now besides that numbness is pain that paralyzes me. it washes over me. cannot sleep. cannot think. cannot breathe. cannot live like this. stone angels are so lovely. don't you think. cold and smooth and unfeeling. run your fingers along their fine forms. feel the beauty. see the frozen expression in their eyes. elegant. untouchable. refined. and they take your breath away. cause someone cared to create them.created them from pain and hurt and despair and agony.  i am that stone angel. look upon me now.
PoetryNEmotion PoetryNEmotion 51-55, F 4 Responses Sep 14, 2012

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Fear is a tough one. You can reanimate the stone once you learn to contain it. Don't be afraid and let someone carve you. Move forward anyways and breath light again.

You assume she is a stone angel because of fear. You are incorrect, dearheart. Stone cannot be contained. It is sculpted. Formed. Made to fit an idea. A creation. Sometimes the sculptor pauses to consider what he is creating. Then moves forward. I thank you for your words. You show wisdom in your singing words.

Paralyzing pain I have felt before. Its seed was in fact fear. Maybe I was the gargoyle and that is the mistake I made. What I do know is stone is passive. A spirit chooses, and a stone lets all others choose. I can tell when my decisions count because I'm in company other than stone. Maybe my mind just isn't tuned correctly to hear this one all the way through, but it's good writing.

You know you thought appropriately considering you did not know why she became a stone angel. So forgive my choice of words. A stone does let others choose. A gargoyle? Interesting flavour. I adore them. People consider them hideous, but I do not. And you do not either. Excellent. Thank you for your kind words and your insight. A great new friend. xoxxoox

I like your post. My eyes close and I see what you saying as though I could before i read your words... Powerful.

My imagery is significant to me. If I can make you see and/or feel images I am happy. Thank you. You honour me. I think you can identify with a stone angel too.

I believe you are correct.

Love ya'

I am rarely wrong at knowing people. And I know you, hon. Love you too. xoxo


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sometimes i turn into a little stone gnome.... not as beautiful but helps with the pain. Love.... only love :( One day it wont hurt. promise.

i can't think of another way to feel presently. so i stand, a stone angel, incapable of being touched. admire me from up close even. run your fingers along the fine, elegant lines. and then walk away and wonder...thank you for your words.

Be a stone angel now. Being so will protect you. Be well. :D

feel so cold. cannot warm up. numb still. and full of anguish. thank you.

One day at a time. :D

that is what i am doing. tears. fears. anger. numb. anguish.

food and sleep too please. :)

i sleep 4 hours all that i can do since spring. food is necessary, but irrelevant. you are bossy. have any ice cubes? cause you NEED them.

I thought you had them. TKM must have them. I'm not supplying the ice for my own freezing. :P

smartass. i will get you for THAT.

I hope so. :D

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