Let me tell you a story about lines. I feel it is necessary today. I though today would be a day of joy, but not so...And for this I am extremely sad....Let me try with my poor words to tell you about lines.
My life is full of lines. I am surrounded by a brilliant white aura. Some of you know this; others do not. So I am being most clear now. This light is so powerful....You have no idea....You can draw on it by being near me. I can give some of it to you. I get drained slowly like a sink....And when it is too loud here on EP, I drain with a whooooshhhhh....At that time, I leave here. Because it can be too much on me.
Beyond the light are lines. There are a multitude of them. Too many to tell. But here are some.
One line was obliterated by Carlos. And that is mostly totally wonderful. He taught me about love. A strong, enduring love. A love that makes me stronger. A love that makes my light even brighter and even stronger. And I did not know that was even possible til I knew him. And his beauty.
Another line is full of friends. They stand beside me. Give me this enduring strength. When things are rough, and times are desperate, they hold my hands, they put their arms around me-they support me even as I fall to my knees. Times are very severe sometimes...Without them, I do not know what I would do. When life in the other world is intolerable, I know I can run here and linger here and stay here and drink of their support until I know I can continue fighting the demons and the harshness and the cruelty and all the bad things that exist including the monsters.
There are other lines. A line for work. A place of sanctuary. A place where I am always impressive and effective and clearly dynamic. No matter what else is going on, work is a good place to be.
There are lines of family. There are lines of distant people. There are lines of so many things.
There is a line in this other world. It is more like a fence. The kind around maximum security prisons. It is quite high. Has barbed wire in tumbled rolls. And even electricity. Oh you can come up to it. There are warning signs all around for your safety. And you can see me through it. And you can say what you want and you can do what you want. But you cannot touch me. Not at all. And there are those standing outside that fence. You have no idea of how many. And they are persistent, most persistent. And I hope the fence stands firm. I secured the bases as deep as possible. By myself. Some are dissuaded. Thank God. Others see it as a challenge. But the fence still stands tall.
Your journey here was far too long. I feel for you. And you came with a changed purpose. One that you adapted. And I knew you were movable and I was grateful and most encouraged by that. And to woo me. And I know that that is mostly a thing of the past. But I value it. Like I value love letters, and vintage clothing and jewellery and antiques. So you have your choices on what next to do. That line was blown to smithereens by your love. Unsure what line is next....Is it a shiny new fetter? Or a clear line of love? Your choice. I love you. Cynthia.

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4 Responses Nov 12, 2012

I already know my next line "hey baby, you come here often?" Okay I'm a wise guy.
I found your story very interesting, Cynthia. Very hard for me to comprehend. I've always experienced my life in my cold reality. Even when I was eating LSD like candy back in the 60s, my trips, except for a few bad ones, were pretty reality based. I have trouble perceiving things that I cant see. I've just found my god and things have changed, but slowly. I really cant explain my spirituality but it does work for me! I have a whole new outlook on life and my eyes are wide open. Do you have any suggestions for books that might help me?

Lines blown to smithereens
Rust blown off the fortress of a heart
Ice melting off the heart of another angel
Shadows playing in the leaves
Boundaries crossed every day

Continue on your journey anyway

You write yourself in a beautifully eloquent way. We all have our lines. I myself build walls but I think that is the same thing in a way. I hope things work out the way you had hoped for.
I will stand outside your fence and wave and smile....I hope you see it.

How blessed you are with all these lines. Om shanti shanti shanti