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My Carlos.

Without you as my poetry,
Without you as my song,
My life is so empty-
With you I belong....

The days they lack colour,
The nights they lack grace,
I long for your loving,
And your tender embrace.

I look for some meaning,
I am lost without you,
Carlos, my Darling,
What shall I do?

I wait for you still.
I love you...No words
PoetryNEmotion PoetryNEmotion 51-55, F 5 Responses Nov 22, 2012

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You will be with Carlos very soon. How about a white X'mas with Carlos in Canada or a hot X'mas with him in Agentina?

Peterpan! Miss you soooooooooooo! God! Please stay a bit more. I love you. No. Definitely HOT in Argentina. And soon! *beaming* Love you. oxoxoxx

So nice! Thank you, Cynthia! You have beautiful soul!

He enriches mine beyond words...Thank you.

your words so heartfelt..i hope you are together very soon..very best thoughts and dreams always and forever for you both..i love to see ..hear..feel love and i can feel it in your words for this good man..

There you are! Missed you! You must stay closer....I do love Carlos. Mid-week I go to be with him. This is the longest prelude to a date ever! *laughing* This time I go to him. No denying we shall meet! He is an amazing man! No other like him on this earth. A lifetime awaits us. Thank you. My words are easy with love for him. kissessssssssssssssss.....Do you have new stories, hon? xoxoxo

Hope he comes to you and you both find joy x

I am going to him this time. I WILL get there. LOL! Thank you, hon. We do now and we shall....xoxoo

he is a lucky man indeed and you are a prize that I am sure he know

You are so kind, Ry. Thank you for your words. Love you, too. xoxoxo