Come Run Away With Me

Let's run away
Kick off our shoes
Run far away
Drink lots of booze.

Dance so fast
Everything spins
Here in your arms
Both of us wins.

Forget all our troubles
Forget all the pain
Love and f uc k
And do it again.

Live in this Bliss
Forget all the rest
I love you dearly
I'll give you my Best.

Dedicated to those who
Want to run away but
Know the folly of that.

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5 Responses Dec 26, 2012

Yup, it's all part of the human experience, and beautifully expressed!!

I have been here.<br />
<br />
On some level, I tried to do this.<br />
<br />
That lush garden is now a grand canyon of regret and emotional pain.<br />
<br />
Lessons learned!

A fun dream

Oh if the right opportunity came along I'd be gone in a flash ... good luck to you in your search :)

Would it be ok if I was the designated driver instead of drinking? Hope you're doing better :)