Love Exists

I hunger for your touch
I desire you oh so much
I long for you to be near
Let this fuel our brand new year.

I hear you call my name
My heart it races again
I so desire your touch
Fill me-water me much.

Your kisses so sweet
Your desires we meet
Will your sweet love flow
Arrow surely from your bow

Flying with the thought
I love you is naught
Enough words to express
I want ours a lovenest

To dwell in your strong embrace
And to wake to your tender face
See the love look in your eyes
Feel the marks upon my thighs.

If perchance you too this dream
Passions, desires, our life it seem
All things possible; strong and wonderful tis true
Our life, our love, our lifetime, me and you.

(Open to our possibilities.
Open to real love that exists.
Open my arms, open my heart.
Open my gift to you. 
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5 Responses Jan 1, 2013

Yes, pure love does exist.When you find it ,it will rock your world:)

You are gifted with your words C xxxxx

Such a lovely wish

Love indeed exists and I hope you find it soon .

Beautiful words my beautiful sister...and i wish a good strong true heart for you..Xxxx xx