Crazy How Life Works

I came across ep by accident.. I didn't even mean to make an account lol haha I just made it to see what it was like.. I actually ended up enjoying my time and came across some amazing people.. But never die I think I would ever fall for someone so hard and so fast.

One day I was just browsing through ep.. I don't even know how I came across this girls Page.. But uhm her status was in love a girl who can sing.. Personally I don't think I'm a good singer but I really enjoy it.. I love to sing its like a majority of my life to be fair haha.. Anyways I added her and posted on her board I sing haha.. Ofcourse she would have to ask to I play a million other instruments and I was like no I just like to sing.. Soo I got to know her a little bit and was chatting to her she ended up being incredibly funny!!

Afterwards I was actually excited to get on to ep just to talk to her I would rush home from work and school just your talk to her.. Haha.. Then I got extremely fed up with ep and decided to delete my account.. I had went to delete account but the ep guys wouldn't let me.. I had to send an email.. So I sent the email anyways and thought my account was deleted then I awoke the next morning to find I had sent the email off my new address and not the address I have for my ep account.. I had cooled down and krpt my account cause I would miss you guys too much.

When I thought my account. Was deleted I had given her my mobile number and told her to text me through whatsapp, we ended up getting to know eacother really well and she was absolutely hilarious!!! I found myself texg her like all the time.. And damn have had some really random convos.. It then hit me!

OMG!!! I have quite crush on this girl and she doesn't even like me wtf??!! Annnnd I'm supposed to be straight but I just couldn't stop talking to her.. We began skyping alot and stuff and she is absolutely beautiful which made me fall for even more.. But behind all this she actually liked me tooo!!!! Haha..

So one thing led to another.. We told eacother we liked one another in the most randomest way possible but what do you expect I mean we are both immature! Lol now we are in a long distance relationship and soo deaply in love its crazy! I mean I don't think anyone will understand how much we love eachother I mean this girl is my world now my life my everything.. I just wanna be there for her and love her everyday without fail I will always be there I can't explain how much I love her she is just unbelievable!! Haha I can't believe I fell for someone online I though that wasn't even possible.. And know loving her and having her in my life is all I want. All I wanna do is make her happy and care for her everyday.. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated I wanna be the best for.. ****! I love her soooo much.. So thankyou ep for helping me find my one and only love.. She's all I could ask for and more and I don't want anyone else!
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I had the same story but we have a different ending :)
Nevertheless, it's good to know that you both found each other :) :)

thats good , now follow your heart xx