November 2010 ..

Six months in on a perpetual road of sunshine and whirlwinds i had been through so much with him already (good and bad) i needed to find a balance .. he stipulated there was to be no more arguments, this was good news to me, i wanted a solid relationship and things were very much out of balance so i set about trying to work on this for my part.

If he did get stroppy i tried not to rise to it, if i had upset him in some way i tried to talk with him about it instead of wanting time out and ignoring him, he was always saying i never apologised and it was he who always picked up the pieces, it was always he who was fighting to save our relationship so i tried that bit harder even if i did feel he was causing most of the petty dramas in the first place i know i'm not perfect!

I also felt if i was going to have a serious relationship with this man then the time had come to have him over to my place and there was a perfect date, November 19th the weekend of his birthday .. i asked him if he'd come and stay, i wanted to cook him a birthday dinner and he said yes .. by this time my son had moved back home so i had a heart to heart with him, after the last time they had met my son didn't think too much of him and i so wanted them to get on as the 2 most important men in my life, i asked both him and my daughter for their support and they were happy to see me happy.

With everyone committed i set about planning, i was sooooo looking forward to him coming and treating him for his birthday .. i'd already bought him a stereo as he really missed having music but then i worried it might all get abit too over-whelming for him so 2 days before changed my mind and decided to construct a poem i'd written on the pc so i could print it off and frame it with a picture .. then i went shopping to find him a hoodie, this was all he wore and he only owned two which wasn't enough for the coming winter, with that found everything was falling into place.

Except he didn't want me cooking so offered to take us out for dinner, kids included so i said 'okay theres a harvester nearby, we'll go there'.

The Friday arrived and everything was a mad dash once i'd finished work, i still had to get the poem and picture framed, write his card and put it all together with his hoodie .. that done quick shower and washed my hair, my daughter who was training to be a hairdresser wanted to style my hair and i didn't want to upset her by saying no but all this was taking more time and he was already on his way .. my son suggested meeting him from the station and they could have a drink and meet us at the restaurant, what a perfect idea i thought, it would allow for the air to be cleared from the last time and the fella was all to happy with this arrangement.

Me, my daughter and son's girlfriend joined them an hour later and we had a fantastic evening before all coming home .. i gave him his pressie, he loved the poem saying no-one had ever done that for him then he gave me a present, a dress, 'i was like you're so silly, its your birthday not mine' took a deep breath trying it on i didn't want anything to spoil the moment .. phew, great style and perfect fit .. we went on to having a perfect weekend together.

After he had left pleased with how it had all gone i thought maybe we could share some of the travelling and he could come over to mine more often now that would be a great way in bringing about some balance ..
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tink, you have such a giving are all heart!xx

I <3 u .. thank you owl .. :)