Had An Online Boyfriend

I started talking to these kids I met online from England about a year and a half ago. The first time I talked to them I was at a friends house, and I actually decided to be kinda stuck up on purpose because I'm NEVER rude to anyone and I thought it would be fun since I'd never talk to any of them again. Little did I know what would happen.

I started talking to them on my computer once I got internet, and connected quite well with one boy in particular. He was already supposed to be visiting my friend with a couple of his friends, but after a few months of talking he decided to stay at my place rather than hers. Sadly his freinds never made it over.

But we talked for months before he visited. We had already told each other we loved each other and everything, talked about what we were gonna do once we met. In February of last year he finally made it over. a 16 year old boy flying by himself to another country to meet his online girlfriend. It was quite awkward, but we got over it.

He stayed with me for a month and then had to return home. In July I visited him for 5 weeks and got to meet all my other friends from his area as well. It was an experience of a lifetime.

As of now we're broken up but we're still friends so it's cool. I hope one day to visit that area again and get to see my friends.

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1 Response Feb 12, 2008

That is nice story sad in a way yet happy. Thank you for sharing