Are Online Relationships Even Meant To Be?

So I met someone online again. I don't know if you read my previous story about meeting this guy online and getting my heart broken, but I met someone again after him. Firstly, he was a lot older. He was eleven years older than me. Not that it mattered to either of us. He made me feel special. He treated me as an equal, not as a teenager with hormones. He was also more attractive. Oh the things I'd do to him would be so shameful yet so delightful that would make you, dear reader, shiver in pleasure and feel naughty. Well since, I do not want to make this story into my online love sexual expedition, I'll move away from it, to my and many of your disappointments. He was completely different from anyone I had met. Well, this is what you say right? When you think you've met 'the one' for you? He was amazing. He was like the fresh wind kissing my skin after the rain. I know this sounds so utterly romantic, but he really was the reason behind me waking up every morning and sleeping late every night. Due to our time difference, I had to start talking to him at 10 pm and just one hour would not be enough. We would talk till three, sometimes 4, in the morning. To me, it didn't seem like a sacrifice. It was just a way to talk to him and get to know him more. This was just an evaluation of how we were. Here's how the real story starts...

We met online (DUH). He started asking me this very unusual question that usually people dont. We got talking and seemed really interested in each other. My username on the website was quite unique. It was catchy to the male population there and that did get me stupid men asking me to talk to them. He asked me the history behind the name and I told him. After a while, he asked me if we could sort of get some kinky naughty stuff involved. I told him he was too good of a friend for me to go there because I was afraid of losing a great pal. He convinced me though. After hours of me being stubborn and hesitant, I gave up and had one of the best conversations I ever had. We never talked to each other for the pleasure. There was more to it than just the benefits of our friends with benefits arrangement. He was there for me as a patient friend when I needed to simply talk and whine about my day. He was also there for me when I needed him to please my desire for him as a seductive friend. Overall, things were going smooth, without any jerks or brakes. However, things did change. Life came between us. Remember how I said age was never an issue for us? Well it became an issue. Tests and due dates invaded my life and he got busy with the work load. We didn't talk for days and when we did, he disappeared at times, without saying bye. I got sad, and then frustrated, which I took out on him. I told him that we hardly talked and it was getting me mad. To a stranger, it would seem like someone in a relationship would be talking like that, and thats what he thought. After a few days he got back at me. He said that he was **** from work and when he talked to me, I sounded like we were in a "f*cking relation or a marriage or something." His words, not mine. It hurt. It hurt like a *****. I apologized and cussed at him, but he never replied.

I miss him. I miss him a lot. I think I fell for him because of how sweet he was. He called me this really special name, that I won't mention here because there are some things that I'd rather keep to myself. But this makes me wonder, dear reader, are online relationships really meant to be?

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Sometimes. :) well i dont know in my opinion.. I have never talked to anyone online as long as that. I mean a complete stranger. Thanks to you i wanna try. But too bad system in my country is different and I have to cope with my peers so i'm leaving this aside for a bit.

Hey, I like you. Will you be my friend? As in friends knowing each other and not just 'friends' in EP?

I'm sure you will meet the person that understands you and can help you anytime you need it. But you must be careful with online relationships as they are not real relationships, but online relationships. This said I have some online friends that I can talk to, but as there are time differences it's sometimes difficult top see them regularly, but I always appreciate when Ican talk to them.I wish you all the best and hope that you find that person you are looking for.

Hopefully I will, im still young so I still have some time to find my 'Mr. Right'. Yeah i think I take online relationships too seriously and the people I meet probably don't so we sort of end things. And the best part about online friends is that they don't judge you because they don't know you :)

Perhaps it's not that the other people didn't take the relationship seriously, but at some point you and your partner lost interest, or you had different interests. And I'm not so sure that they don't judge you, but as you didn't know each other for real you probably don't notice that.