Timothée And April!

This is basically two stories in one.

Part One

The first person I met from the Internet was Timothée.  I was on Facebook posting something in a group, when I saw that there was a guy whose last name was my middle name!  My middle name is very unique and comes from one of my ancestors.  So I sent him a message, asking if he was related to that ancestor, and he said he was!  We talked for a long time about our families.

About a month later, I had a chorus concert.  I posted it as an event on Facebook, and I invited all my friends, paying no attention to who they were.  A few days later, Tim messaged me and asked me about it...I had no idea that I had invited him!  Turns out he lived in Nashville too!  I told him that I didn't realize I had invited him, and he said he wouldn't come if I didn't want him to, but I said he could under one condition.  He CANNOT talk to my mother.  He said that was fine.

So finally the day rolled around for the concert.  We sang at a church, and then the church fed us.  After I got my food and sat down, I saw my mother, grandmother, and...TIM WALKING RIGHT TOWARDS ME!!!  They came to the table and talked to me.  "Guess who I met?" said my mom.  Then Tim told the whole story.  He ACCIDENTALLY sat right beside my mom at the concert.  He had no idea who she was, and vice versa.  Tim started talking to my mom, asking her why she was there, and she said her son was singing.  Then she asked why he was there, and he said there was a guy he met on Facebook that invited him.  She asked him who it was, and he said my name!  "THAT'S MY SON!!!" she said!

"I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO TALK TO YOU!!!" he said!!!  Then they just started cracking up!

My mom was very nice to both me and him that night at dinner.  Of course, a few days later, when she was alone with me, she gave me the infamous lecture about meeting people online and how dangerous it is.

Part Two

The second person I met from the Internet is April.  This happened less than a week ago!  I met her on a Ning network based around some YouTubers I'm a fan of.  All their fans are members of this network.  I was in the chat room, and one of the people said something about living in Nashville.  I said I live there too!  Then she said she doesn't actually live in Nashville, she lives in a suburb, which happened to be the same one I live in!  HOLY CRAP!

We began to chat privately.  She mentioned that she was from Texas!!!  I asked her what part, and she said the exact same area of Texas I'm from!!!  Now this is just getting CREEPY!  She told me that she had just begun making videos, and she wanted to do a collab video with me!  We're still planning on doing that, but we decided we would meet beforehand.  So on Tuesday, she invited me over to her house for dinner.  She made egg drop soup, and it was AWESOME.  She showed me around her house and told me all about her life and her friends and all that awesome stuff.  She's been married to an abusive man who almost killed her and divorced, has mostly male friends, etc.  Man, she sure was talkative, but I love talkative people because I love to listen!  Then we listened to each other's music.  She's a music fanatic too...FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Then, we hung out again last night.  This deserves a totally different entry.  I'm going to write another story about last night with her.  I'll post it in "I Had a Funky Night Last Night."

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That was BRILLIANT, SNS!!! X-D<br />
<br />
Who have you met from the Internet, ILML? Anyone from EP?

Don't you know, meeting up with internet strangers is bad for you, its hazardous to your health, as studies show that when you meet up with them, any number of things will go wrong...they will either knife you, kill you, or tell your mom about you, all of which are dangers that are not to be looked upon as funny. When considering meeting up with internet strangers, the options are simple, #1 Dont do it! #2 Dont do it! #3 If you HAVE to do it, make sure you bring along your gun. That way when the internet stranger attacks you (or looks like he's about to talk to mom!) you know what to do!!<br />
<br />
Lol!! :D

Yes they are, Chevy! Plus I have a job interview next week =-D

Funny story! Sounds like things are starting to look up for you, yes? =)

Yeah, she does! :-D Actually, her ringtone on my phone is "April is in My Mistress' Face," a metaphorical Renaissance madrigal about a woman who is beautiful on the outside but cold on the inside, and it uses months like April to describe her external beauty and December to describe her internal coldness. This April is quite the opposite though. She's not particularly attractive on the outside, but her personality is absolutely KILLER!

And she's got a month name :-)