Internet Marriage.

On my 29th birthday I contacted my future wife on the, as I was already seeking there life partner for some years with a miserable results. She did not answered me, for was on a pilgramige, asking Mother Mary to grant her a good husband.
We did write to each other for some time and then I decided to visit her in Bombay. (Seeing that I am long haired and not in a suit, her mother thretened with a suicide, if I inter their house!) First time in India, frightened, helpless, I put my life in the hands of Godess Kali, who showed me signs just after arrival there. Had then my first intercourse, proposed in the Rat Temple in Rajastan and all later went smuth, despite mounting dangers and obsticles. We been married later that year in my Parent's garden, before the figure of S'wietovit (prechristian Slavonic god), I made there. Now we have 2 beautiful boys- both from early times fascinated with death and procreation (the dominion of Kali)
What is funny,- my Parents meet thanks to TV- then a novelty!
Drzewowit Drzewowit
36-40, M
Jun 2, 2012