Out Of Nowhere

I came here accidentally while browsing on my facebook account just two months ago...I am an avid reader of many things since it's one of my hobbies so I was fascinated by all the different stories I encountered here. I love to write stories (fiction or non-fiction) and compose poems so I thought I now have a company in my solitary life. I was never here to date or build relationship because I know when you uncover the real me, am hard to deal with. I think alot especially in my quiet moment and most of the time I have outspoken mind and I think fast, fast enough that you'll have to catch your breath away for a moment or get tongue-tied in the end. And an affair was out of the question. Hence, it's not my intention to find someone here to be romantically involved with. It's out of my league.  I can only offer friendship aside from my poems and stories. When someone sends me a message, I just politely answer out of courtesy though I already blocked some persons who sent me  lewd messages that made me crazy to keep my sanity intact with their improper overture. A few others who became fascinated to my written works just come and go. No one really stays alot and that doesn't bother me too much coz I know even in reality, friends do have their own lives to get busy and at the end of the day, would never mind you at all. Therefore, expectation here is limited because I am dealing with a virtual world and reality might just be a figment of my imagination while being here. So, I just vent my emotions in this place and every poem I make would be a living witness of how I feel for that day. I fantasize with my stories and share songs that enchant me or mellow my heart. I am a dreamer and a thinker and this is a great avenue for my mind to tell things and share everything. It has been a habit everyday.

My mind is not constricted and am not a narrow-minded person, yet never in my slightest idea that I will be glued to one person with whom I'll  exchange endless chats and daily messages. We joined EP and met on the same week and believed that it's a divine intervention why we were brought  here.  As the days passed by we discover the same passion in life and shared so many things we never dared tell to anyone. Each day,  there would always be  simple gestures which will only be significant between us like an acronym that only us understood. Most of the time, out of nowhere we will always think of  the same thing or say the exact word which seem like we're having the same brainwaves. Then we finally agreed that we're soulmates. He told me I am his guardian angel and for me, he's the driver of my ambitous self. I like intellectual person who can talk everything with me from friendship, politics, professions, ambitions even about sex, intimacy , family and romance. We never dare to cling on something which is totally a taboo for me. That made him more close to my heart because he was gentle and patient always telling me if I don't feel comfortable on anything, I only have to say it or not say it at all. He made me build my broken dreams, encourage me to aspire for greater ambition and we even predict that we can have a future together through our vocation because we can never be really lovers so the only thing that will make us together is to stay professionally attuned for what we may achieve in the future.

Sometimes there are days that we never even talk at all like now because of my deviant behavior and he 's always there to understand my emotion in a roller coaster ride. My worst trait is being too way sensitive which makes me withdraw or evade when I dwell on very little flimsy issue. He is willing to give me the space that  I need because he knew that I have to think and ponder on my thoughts. He adores my honesty , it is my best character. His best virtue is being too patient to wait for such emotion to ebb away because he understood why I am such a melodramatic at times. Yet, we know in our hearts that we're here for each other to share human emotion or make light of the situation, to smile or pout, to laugh or cry, to joke around or be naughty and put humor in every misery that we encounter in life. We may never know if we will meet or not or whatever the future may hold for both of us but whatever happens...or how far apart we may seem from each other, he will always be dear and closer to my heart because his encouraging words will always be near me and continuously reverberate through my ears for he awakened my sleepy life because his word of wisdom help my broken soul to get up and try to chase my dreams which was forgotten and lost and to work on my ambition which became vague for so long.

As soon as I walk on a brighter path where my dreams prosper into reality, he is a person who would always stay in my mind as a lasting remembrance because he shows me light, brings me life, makes me endure my bleak fast. He is my mentor, my best friend, my living diary. He is an important contributor to whatever success I may have in the future.

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4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

You have got something special here it sounds like!!

That's beautifully written Bf and straight from your heart. :)

thank you. :)

yes..it is. when I write, am too focus and I pour every single drop of emotion into my words.(smiles)

i can feel that these worlds are coming from deep in your heart.