Very Special People, But I'm Ashamed To Admit To It

I have met a few people online that I care about and think about a lot even though I have never met them, one of which is a man from EP.

It's a strange thought, caring about someone you don't truly know, and I never thought these feelings were capable, but they are.

However, I'm ashamed to admit this to my real friends in real life, as if they'd think it was strange or just wouldn't understand.

Do any of you feel the same?
dominatedgirl dominatedgirl 18-21, F 9 Responses Dec 23, 2010

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I just don't understand how people don't feel the reality of all aspects of life, even when it comes to connecting to someone online in any way, especially a romantic one. If you and that person have that connection, and believe me, it's felt on both ends, anything is possible. Two people in the same world, feeling the same things, for each other. It can happen. There is no designated area to meet your soulmate.

He probably feels the same about you,

In fact I can guarantee it,

He does tell people he talks to you.

he feels very deeply for you.

He wishes he could be closer.

Wishes time zones could be nearer

wishes he could kiss your lips and feel your warmth

feel you against his chest, feel your heartbeat next to his own

fall asleep with you tucked under his arm.

and awaken to see your eyes smiling up at him

Yes he likes you allot.... more then you want to admit...


intelligent life forms come in all shapes sizes forms and places.... we live in the internet age ... and who really wants to go to a bar to meet some one and hope there not a nutcase .....

i met a woman online twice the first was not so good but they did have an electric touch the second ... its ongoing and more suited to my very particular needs per say ... its unlikely i will really tell anyone where i met her because frankly its no ones business but ours ... simply put how where and such doesnt matter

Yes, there are people I've felt a connection with, but not in a romantic sense.

Yes.....I have pleasure to know someone special here until she passed away due to cancer. Had fun experiences/chat with her.

Yes, I've met people online who have become special to me, one of whom I've met in person and she's very dear to me. There are others, one man in particular, and like shannonymous I keep him a secret , but one must be careful not to put friends you are unlikely to meet so high in your thoughts that you neglect your "flesh and blood" friends. Turn off the computer and they're gone!

yep, i feel the same. i have 2 friends via intrernet and i met one of them and we got along just as well in real life and visited eachother twice for a week a visit. was really enjoyable. she is female but that doesnt change anything. getting along quite good. she's been my most stable friend since i was 16 or so

Yes I've certainly connected with people on line who I have feelings for. Because of the nature of this site and people wanting to keep anonymous I don't not say anything outside, but I am not ashamed of my feelings.

yes, I met a guy online who i have to keep a secret in my everyday life to almost everyone...i've told one person who i trust about him.