You Mean So Much To Me - More Than Words Can Express...

Some years ago I was looking for a website where I could get the latest Reggaeton Hits. I stumbled upon one of them which required me to create a profile and become a member, which I did. Happens that besides the awesomely great content the site had - there was also a chat room. So I logged in the chat room. I started making friends, it was amazing how open and spontaneous I could be on a chat room. I can be anyone. It appeared as tho everyone who joined in were mostly teenagers and me being more mature came to be like someone who could give good advice to these teenagers. I had a few female friends who had problems with their boyfriends and I would listen to them and advice them on what do do - what to expect and made them feel good about themselves.
There were a couple of more mature users as well and we sort of joined together on this mainly teenagers chat. And we sort of formed a family of about 7 of us of different places. But as time went on some started to become more distant - drifting away, only a few of us stayed together - sharing life experiences. In this little group there was YOU. You were a favorite from day one. Very shy, but at the same time - very open. You had so much to share. You seemed happy at first - well probably because thats who you are - a happy soul no matter what. Deep down you were suffering so much. You lived in a dark evil hurricane that battered your life day after day. You trusted me so much that you let me in on it. I helplessly watched you suffer - you came to me almost every single day. You can't imagine how I wish I could rescue you. You came to mean so much to me. I wish I could do magic so I could take you away from all that was hurting you. I tried to console you with words of comfort. I think I did help - from what you have written back at me - I'm glad I was of some help.
And then you found a way to escape and start a new life - one with bluer skies and calm seas - I felt kinda jealous but was so happy for you. I wish I could have been the one to rescue you. But I was so so happy for you. Yes we shared so much together. You, always looking for ways to keep in touch. I love you for that. It wasn't until must of this passed that you shared your picture. All the time we were on that other chat I never knew what you looked like. I thank you for putting so much trust in me. It makes me feel so special, knowing that I mean so much to you too. I want all EP to know that you are such an amazing person - well those in your circle already know. But its so much more than that. You are and angel. I wanted to share this a long time ago - to let you know there's a special place in my heart for you and even if we never ever get to meat each other face to face - you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you.
Like the beautiful moon that lights up my night sky,
you are so far away yet so close to my heart
like a dream, you exist in another world
We find ways to defy time and space
to share short moments together
You are the moon that lights up my night sky
always beautiful, always smiling
I reach out to you from below
you reach out to me from above
you touch my heart
kpal kpal
31-35, M
7 Responses Jan 11, 2011

This is a beautiful story!

hahahahaha - you are very cute - happy happy joy joy!!

*Luna does the macarena* THEN * Do the happy dance* ^_^

kpal takes Luna by the hand and waltzes with her all night long...

yes ULMU kpal is a friend worth keeping forever he is my partner in crime lol XD

Very beautiful friendship.. and Kpal is also fortunate to have you as friend, Luna.... Your friendship guys is the one that makes this world worth living... :))

oh Kpal I was in tears reading this but I want you to know I will always be grateful to know a friend like you if it wasn't for those words of courage you gave me I would probably have ended my life so many times that idea came to my mind I was lonely and helpless didn't know which way to go YOU know better then that until this day I will never forget there was someone out there who really care and knew what to say whenever I needed a friend a shoulder to cry on and feel like I was worth as a human being keeping hope of life of course having my daughter next to me I knew I had to do something to make that kind of life stop Thank You So Much for being there for listening for supporting for being the most caring person I have ever met and yes I will find my ways to stay in touch with the one who saved my life cuz that's basically how I see you a light in the dark who taught me how to shine on my own and start to love myself to be conscious of who I am and enjoy the little things life has to offer all this and more than words will never be enough to thank you for what you did for me <br />
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