You Are So Important To Me

Bre, you are truly are an amazing girl, I care about you so much, you mean the world to me, I am so stupid for doubting it, I just had bad experiences in the past with relationships, and so have you, I know yours is much worse, but forgive me, I really like you, I did not mean to hurt you, I really over think everything, I basically torture myself with these thoughts, please forgive me, I just want you, someone need to kick my ***, I deserve it all, I am an idiot, Bre, my feelings are very deep for you, and I have a huge wall against wall on my heart, but reading your story about me, it just tore it down, my heart aches for you, it is hurting right now, I hope you can forgive me Bre, you are the first person ever to break it down like that, it feels vulnerable, it wants you. I will give you all the time you need Bre, I do not mind at all waiting for you to be ready, please, forgive me, I know you must hate me for doubting you, but forgive me, I am such an idiot. I know I am repeating some stuff but I suck with stories, putting my thoughts down are hard for me, I am trying my best. Bre, this is best I could so, I just hope it is enough for you.
Desolatebones Desolatebones
22-25, M
May 13, 2012