I met someone recently. Even though I had given up...to be a cat lady :)
I had been tired of it all. Not believing anymore.
It was on the dating website I was on and ignoring.
I was doubtful about him.
Then we started chatting about literature. Writing.
That hooks me.
We will see.
Meeting soon.
I am VERY cautious
And oddly
All the basic, big stuff is there.
slsr slsr
41-45, F
4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

how did it turn out?

That storyline hasn't been fully fleshed out yet...it needs a bit more time.
There have been interesting twists and turns....

Good for you for trying and not giving up totally. :) Good luck

Best wishes slsr! Hope he turns out to be worthy of you. ;-)

I am hoping for you that he is more than what he seems and that you meeting turns in to something special.

Worst case scenario...I meet someone awesome, I never knew existed. I see a lot of evidence of a good, kind heart, real love for books, writing, things that click. Good signs, so far. But, as I said...I'm cautious. :)

Hugs!!!! :)